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Essay on Cyber Attacks - 1182 Words

On April 27, 2007 cyber-attacks began crippling key infrastructures of banks, ministries, and newspapers. These attacks took place, in part, because of a statue. This statue is not just a two-meter tall man holding a helmet; this individual represents and symbolizes the lives lost in the Second World War. The statue has been under a lot of speculation and has torn the population of the country in half. Some believe the status is a symbol of Soviet, formerly Nazi, while some see this statue as symbol of Soviet victory over the Nazis and Russian claims Estonia. When the government decided to relocate the statue to Estonia’s capital, the worst riots the country has ever seen took place and this started vicious cyber-attacks (Jenik). One may†¦show more content†¦These attacks did not target one organization either, as the attacks focused on parliaments, banks, ministries, newspapers, and broadcasters. The next characteristic of cyber war is anonymity. With the Estonia case nobody was sure who did the attacking and who to blame. At first Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet accused Kremlin of the attacks but then retracted this statement because of lack of evidence. NATO nor European Commission experts were able to find any involvement of the Russian government in these attacks. These attacks were determined to be one of the â€Å"zombie† computers used in the attack. The only person ever arrested for the attacks was an ethnic Russian â€Å"hacketivist† living in Estonia (Denial-of-Service). Fast -15 minutes to breakdown a society is another factor of cyber war. In such a short amount of time the infrastructure of Estonia went down. The internet played a crucial part of their country because of how people use the internet to pay for street parking and banking transactions. By shutting down these key components of their country society is broken down and halted. International web traffic was also blocked to assist in stopping these attacks. By looking at the characteristics of cyber war from our lecture slides we can see that since all these components satisfy the definition, we can view the Estonia case as a cyber-war. The broader definition is that the use of computersShow MoreRelatedCyber Attack And Cyber Attacks Essay1656 Words   |  7 Pagestoday fear terror attacks that include bombing use of reinforcements like machines guns and other firearms. This is because terror attacks most of the times leave many people dead and others disabled while others are left without families. However, there is another attack today in many nations that can be destructive like a terror attack and this is the cyber-attack and threats. Cyber-attacks can be responsible for large mass destructions by making all systems connected to cyber networks fail to workRead MoreCyber Espionage Attacks And Cyber Attacks1662 Words   |  7 PagesCyber Espionage Attacks This kind of attacks differ from other types of cyber-attacks as they have a different source from where the actual attack comes from, which is mainly from within the organization that is being attacked. It may be the most difficult type of attack in which organizations are able to defend themselves from, for example if the attack is emanating from an individual that holds a high rank within the company. Taking an example of the United States where the government has a processRead MoreCyber Attacks, Intrusion Attacks And Network Attacks1285 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferent types of attacks that their organization faces. Some of the attacks include cyber- attacks, intrusion attacks, network attacks, and social engineering attacks. This paper will present research and comparison of methods of cyber-attacks, intrusion attacks and network attacks. Comparison of Cyber-Attacks, Intrusion Attacks, and Network Attacks Cyberterrorism, cyber campaigns, and cyber-warfare are all considered forms of cyber-attacks. Therefore, the spectrum of cyber-attacks will employ theRead MoreThe Involvement Of The Cyber Attack1564 Words   |  7 Pagesrelying on the internet for business transactions. In the early weeks of spring, Estonia was hit by a series of politically motivated cyber-attacks. Numerous parties and organisation suffered different forms of denial of service. The main parties included the Estonian government agencies, schools, banks and Internet Service Providers. The motivation for the cyber attack was due to the fact that the Estonian government made the decision to move a Soviet memorial of World War II from its previous or initialRead MoreCyber Incident Response Plan For Cyber Attack1136 Words   |  5 Pagesprocedures incase of an attack. We should write a well-developed cyber incident response plan that includes all the protocols to responses. Our plan should generally have these follo wing components, such as response team, reporting, initial response, investigation, recovery and follow up, public relations, and law enforcement. The job of the response team is to develop cyber incident response plan and for investing and responding to cyber attack. They will identify and classify cyber attack sceneries, andRead MoreCyber Attacks And Its Effects On Business986 Words   |  4 PagesCyber attacks present a real and dangerous threat to organizations. Organizations are attacked for a variety of reasons, including financial gain, business disruption or political agenda using innovative techniques including the use of malware, bots and other sophisticated threat to exploit new vulnerabilities (The Impact of Cybercrime on Business, 2012, pg.1). It is widely believed that the utmost motivating factor for most attacks is financial fraud and gain, and approximately 5 percent by politicalRead MoreCyber Attack On The United States1674 Words   |  7 PagesCyber Security Abstract Cyber attack has been a huge problem for so many years and there have been a lot of attempts to stop it but there have not been enough resources for this to happen. This paper offers more top to bottom clarification of Cyber attack, reasons, dangers, and defenselessness. It talks about the impact on individual; gives situations of Cyber attacks lastly clarifies ways that people can keep themselves from being casualties of Cyber attack. This paper will give insights on howRead MoreCyber Attacks And Physical Damage1279 Words   |  6 Pages Cyber-Attacks and Physical Damage Name Course details Supervisor Institution Date â€Æ' Abstract The internet is considered to be one of the best things to have been invented in the world. It allows for the fastest transfer of information from one place to another with the least hassle. Furthermore, it has made communication and information easier to find due to the vast and c0neected nature of the world. However, in the recent years, not only have the positive outcomes of the internet become thingsRead MoreCyber Attacks : The Threat Of Cyberterrorism2809 Words   |  12 Pagescomputers results in the nation being vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This paper will discuss cyber threats to American security as they pertain to the nation’s government, military, businesses, and infrastructure. Such threats include possible acts of cyber terrorism, as well as espionage and information theft. It will be seen that cyber-attacks could result in physical as well as economic damage to the nation. It will be argued that the threat of cyber-attack is real and that it needs to be taken se riouslyRead MoreThe Causes Of Cyber Attacks On Financial Institutions Essay1677 Words   |  7 PagesCauses of Cyber Attacks on Financial Institutions During the last decade there have been an extensive number of cases of illegal information collecting, kidnapping and criminal misuse of personal data, illegal financial transactions, theft and online fraud. Modern technologies used for the commission of terrorist acts, violations of normal operation of the automated process control systems for infrastructure facilities. The politically motivated activities in cyberspace in the form of attacks on government

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